When less is more

Why is there so much blank space? Can we include this message too? Can we make the logo bigger and more prominent? …familiar requests here at Black Magic Design!

White space, often referred to as negative space or breathing space is an important element in design. White space should not be considered merely ‘blank’ space — it is an important element of design, which enables the objects in it to exist at all. We believe the balance between positive (or non-white) and the use of negative spaces is the key to aesthetic composition.

A page crammed full of text or graphics with very little white space runs the risk of appearing busy, cluttered, and is typically difficult to read. Judicious use of white space can give a page a classic, elegant, or rich appearance. For example, upscale brands often use ad layouts with little text and a lot of white space.

As Josh puts it in his article The Science of White Space in Design, “The true functional beauty of white spaces lies in its rather paradoxical function; it defines and enhances the visual prominence of various accompanying graphical/typographic elements, without containing meaning, context or content in itself. If used intelligently, white spaces aid in the effective transmission of images and text.

Here’s one of the most interesting digs on design we came across recently – The parody video “If Microsoft Designed the iPod Packaging”.

If Microsoft Designed the iPod Packaging

So what’s your take? Do drop us a line.

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